BSAS Cost Sharing for Computer Workstations

REVISED FY 19-20 Application Deadline: May 22, 2020.

Incomplete and Late applications will be declined. All Non-PEAR transfers must be completed by May 31, 2020. 


Onsite ergonomic evaluations are accompanied by equipment recommendations that may qualify for Be Smart About Safety (BSAS) cost sharing funds. Funds are not awarded to general operating supplies or personal protective equipment (PPE) as required by law.


Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a full-time UCLA or UCLA Health employee;
  • Assigned to a job classification that requires use of computer or laboratory equipment;
  • Complete an ergonomic evaluation, or ergonomics lab, and receive an equipment recommendation from an Ergonomics Specialist.

Recommended equipment typically includes task and laboratory chairs along with ergonomic tools such as:

  • Keyboard Trays
  • Monitor Arms
  • Height Adjustable Tables

Low cost and individual use items are typically not awarded cost sharing. Examples:

  • Footrests
  • Palm or Wrist rests
  • Mouse pads
  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • Telephone Headsets 

Exceptions are made on a case by case basis. Exceptions are often granted to departments engaged in a workplace accommodation as part of a disability management or workers' compensation claim.


Cost sharing can only be awarded to applications expensed within the current fiscal year. Funds cannot be transferred across fiscal years.

Example 1: A purchase order generated during the current fiscal year (FY A/B) is applied to the next fiscal year (FY B/C). Applicant must submit during FY B/C, and use the FY B/C cost sharing application.

Example 2: A purchase order generated during FY A/B is applied to FY A/B, but the application is submitted after July 1 of FY B/C. Applicant cannot submit using the FY B/C cost sharing application. Instead you must use the FY A/B cost sharing application and meet the Fiscal Close Rules for FY A/B. See Corporate Financial Services Closing Schedule for Fiscal Year End.   

New cost sharing formulas and award amounts are determined each fiscal year. The current formula and award amounts can be found on the current application. Exceptions to the formula are made on a case by case basis. Department managers requesting an exception to the fund limit should email [email protected]

UCLA Ergonomics asks that equipment remain with an employee in the event of a department transfer. Equipment transfer costs are determined by the involved departments. Applications and supporting documents are available for reference for the three most recent fiscal years. Older records may be available, email [email protected] for more information. 


Purchase And Pay for the Recommended Equipment.

Approval of recommended equipment is at the discretion of the employee's department. Refer to departmental purchasing procedures, and UCLA Policies 740/741 for more information about obtaining goods and services such as furniture, and low value orders. Departments are responsible for processing purchase orders (PO's), delivery, installation and disposal of all equipment. 


Submit the Application Along with All Supporting Documents

Applications for POs expensed during fiscal year 2019-20 will be accepted until May 22, 2020.

  • Supporting Documents
  • Equipment recommendation - An Evaluation, Chair Lab or other report detailing the equipment needed.
  • Invoice or Post-Authorization Notification (PAN) - Provide a detailed description of the item(s) purchased. 
  • Detailed General Ledger - Provide documentation that the PO has been expensed.

Email application and all supporting documents to [email protected]


Process Non-Payroll Expenditure Adjustment Request (NPEAR).

Applications are reviewed on a regular basis. Approved applications will be notified via email to proceed with processing a NPEAR for the award amount. NPEAR processors and contacts will be provided an award letter specifying the amount, justification and full accounting unit (FAU), and are responsible for transferring the approved expense portion to the BSAS account. Cost sharing funds are not issued to departments through checks or recharge. An exception is made for Associated Students UCLA.