Computer Operators Work Technique

Complete this checklist to determine if you use proper techniques when working at your computer. If not, use information provided in Tips for Computer Users and Tips for Using Your Computer Pointing Device to help you make adjustments.


  • Are you sitting against the back of your chair while you work?
  • Is your head/neck upright and centered over your shoulders when you look at the screen or documents?
  • Are your shoulders relaxed when keying and using the mouse?
  • Are your arms close to your sides when you use the keyboard or mouse?
  • Are your elbows bent at a 90-100 degree angle when you use the keyboard or mouse?
  • Are your wrists in a neutral position (aligned with your forearm) when keying or using the mouse?
  • Are you avoiding awkward postures such as an extended finger or thumb when keying or using the mouse?
  • Do you use a headset rather than cradling the telephone between your head and shoulder?

Work Techniques

  • Are you using a light touch to key?
  • Do you avoid leaning on the wrist rest while keying and mousing?
  • Are you holding your mouse loosely with your hand and fingers in a relaxed position?
  • Do you let go of the mouse when not using it?
  • Do you take 20 second breaks after every 20 minutes of keying?
  • Do you take eye breaks and look at a distance every 20 minutes?
  • Do you blink while you look at the screen?
  • Do you take stretch breaks throughout the day?
  • Have you set up your work to encourage alternating sitting and standing throughout the day?
  • Have you optimized your settings on your computer to make your work easier? (i.e., flicker rate, mouse speed, font size)
  • Do you know how to adjust your keyboard tray and chair?